Update: Open letter to Boris Johnson from the Media Industry, in support of the trans community

On Friday 10th July, we sent an open letter to No.10, with some of the biggest names in the Media Industry supporting trans people's right to live and work uninhibited.

The response has been fantastic.

Firstly we got word that No.10 had delayed a planned announcement on GRA reforms until after the summer recess. This is being taken as a positive sign, as the government considers the feedback from the large volume of organisations, groups and communities who sent letters similar to ours, expressing solidarity with the trans community.

On Sunday 19th July #WhyImATransAlly trended at no.1 on twitter as just under 40 thousand people took to their accounts to express solidarity with their trans siblings.

We also received some fantastic publicity for our letter, which has lead to some great feedback and to date, a further 12 organisation joining the letter in support (EntertainmentOne, Hearst, Pink News, LesFlicks, Conde Nast, Vice, C21, Beano Studios, My G Work, YNAP, Publicis Groupe, Oyzanne Foundation). A huge thank you to everyone who has been so helpful in making our letter happen!

Although this is great progress, until we have confirmation on the proposed reforms to the GRA we must continue to remind the government that the vast majority of the UK population support the trans community and support reforms that make it easier to live authentically.

You can continue to show your support in a number of ways - including signing relevant petitions - we've compiled a list of some of the most recent ones here:

Increase funding for NHS Transgender Services.

Do not ban gender transition treatments f or under 18s

Further reading and other ways to support