Trans rights support

According to a report in The Times, this Wednesday the government will announce plans to scrap reform to the GRA that will allow trans people in the UK to self ID, despite overwhelming public support in the consultation in 2018 and support from the British Medical Association just last week.

Yet again our government plans to ignore the will of the people and the experts simultaneously.

The next few days are absolutely vital and we must make as much noise as possible in support of trans rights - we did this in July before recess and it worked, we must do it again - please action as many of the request below as you can in order to ensure your voice is heard on the matter.

If you’re in the UK, PLEASE sign and share this petition as widely as possible:

You can also show your solidarity with the trans community by writing to your local MP and writing to the Prime Minister or Liz Truss

Proposed reforms on the GRA are being discussed right now and your public solidarity has never been more vital. Here is a template to help form your letter.