Trans rights open letter update

Parliament may have been in recess over the summer, but we certainly weren't!

You may remember back in July we sent Prime Minister Boris Johnson an open letter from some of the biggest names in the media industry expressing support for our trans colleagues and reforms to the GRA. We were immediately inundated from other organisations wishing to join us in expressing support and planned a second version of the letter after the summer recess.

Since then we have been working in collaboration with Trans in the City to open our letter up to support from organisations beyond the media and entertainment industry. We are proud to announce that our letter is being delivered to number 10 today with no fewer than 84 signatories expressing their support, some of the biggest and most recognisable global brands with significant presence in the UK employment market.

This incredible development will ensure those within our government charged with reviewing and implementing reforms to the GRA are fully aware of the support and love trans employees receive from their employers and the support for positive reform from the UK in general