Trans rights - How can I help?

The key to being an effective ally is education and understanding.

We have created a guide of organisations, social platforms and articles to help you ensure you're fully informed on the issues surrounding trans and non-binary rights

You can also show your solidarity with the trans community by writing to your local MP and writing to the Prime Minister. Proposed reforms on the GRA are being discussed right now and your public solidarity has never been more vital. Here is a template to help form your letter.


Gendered Intelligence



Trans Media Watch

All About Trans






Scottish Trans

Transform Cymru




Mind Out

Trans Survivors Project


UK QTIBIPOC Hardship Fund

Informative Articles

HRW joint statement on rights of Trans people in UK

Summary of erosion of trans rights

Juno Dawson: Section 28 Messed Up My Generation

UK Unprecedented Attack on Trans Rights

Trans People Flee UK

More than a third of trans employees have quit work due to discrimination

Erosion of Equalities Act 2010 Rights

Transgender people’s rights to healthcare are under attack

Latest proposals are an 'attack' on trans children

UK launches unprecedented attack on trans rights, will ban transition before 18

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Individuals to follow

Paris Lees

Munroe Bergdorf

Travis Alabanza

Charlie Craggs

Shon Faye

Christine Burns

CN Lester

Kate Adair

Kai Isiah Jemal

Emma Frankland

Kamari Romeo

Amrou Al-Khadi

Jamie Windust

Kenny Ethan - Jones

Campbell X

Sabah Choudrey

Sarah O'Connell

Meg-John Barker

Evan Ifekoya

Melz Owusu

Freddy McConnell

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