Pride 2020 - a statement from the InterMediaUK Chair.

We find ourselves entering a very different Pride season to the ones of years past, as sad as I am that we will not get to celebrate our identities by dancing in the streets - we have the perfect opportunity to focus on how far we have come, how our foremothers, fathers, and all those in between achieved this on our behalf and most importantly focus on how we can support those still suffering prejudice and injustice today, be they LGBTQ or allies.

As events in America and indeed across the world unfold, as we study the demographic profiles for those who have suffered the most from a global pandemic, the imbalances of the world we live in have never been more stark and the need to educate ourselves and actively support is more urgent than ever. This will not always be easy, for me personally this will be at times an uncomfortable journey, unearthing long held ignorances and challenging assumptions and biases - but I know it is necessary for real, authentic change. I will at times get it wrong. I apologise in advance and I will learn from those mistakes.

We have seen many examples on social media comparing the Black Lives Matter movement, with that of the Stonewall uprising, the 50th anniversary of which we celebrated just last year. The intention of these comparisons is to say, in hindsight we understand the anger because as a society, we now broadly accept and acknowledge the injustices suffered by the LGBTQ community, we do not criticise that outburst, we celebrate it as the beginning of positive change, I hope we can look back on 2020 in years to come and say the same thing.

We still have so far to go. Many off the developments in acceptance afforded to white gay men have not been afforded to my lesbian sisters and my trans, bi and non binary siblings and the compounded impact of being LGBTQ and BAME is too frequently ignored.

Proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, largely invisible to mainstream media, are truly worrying for the impact they could have on the everyday lives of trans and non-binary people - I intend to use the coming weeks to explore this in more detail, and explore ways that I can actively support the fundamental human rights of those who will be affected.

I would also like to use Pride 2020 as a call to arms to all of you to join me, to raise awareness and actively support. Please ask yourself, what will I achieve in Pride 2020?... 

With and for pride, for all,

Anthony Crocker