Open letter to Boris Johnson from the Media Industry, in support of the trans community

The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

Prime Minister

10 Downing St,

Westminster, London,


Friday 10 July 2020

Dear Prime Minister,

We, as a collective of organisations from the media and entertainment industry, are writing to express our support of the trans community.

As it stands, the UK is a global leader in LGBTQ+ equality – and the government has been right to work closely with businesses to advance equality on the world stage. We all strive to be trans-inclusive organisations and believe that a diverse workforce, including trans employees, offers greater business success. With this in mind, we would be opposed to any policy or legislation changes that impact the trans community negatively.

Trans people have always been able to use single-sex facilities that match their gender, and the Equality Act 2010 codified this. Additionally, it has been widely reported that the 2018 public consultation on GRA reform shows up to 70% of respondents agreed that it was appropriate to remove additional barriers to trans people being able to identify and live authentically.

Failing to honour the government’s commitment to implement the consultation findings, and even increasing restrictions on trans people’s ability to live authentically, benefits no one. It would mean changes to working environments that would make it hard for trans and non-binary people to focus on their work, preventing them from being able to travel safely, and inhibiting them from operating in society.

We hope that we can continue to be part of discussion about the future of trans equality in the UK, working together to make progress for the trans community and ensure our businesses maintain the diverse perspectives that help make us successful.

Most respectfully,

Organisation names supporting this letter:

1. The Walt Disney Company, EMEA

2. Warner Media

3. NBCUniversal

4. Sky

5. Endemol Shine

6. ViacomCBS

7. AMC Networks International UK

8. Financial Times

9. Discovery

10. Gay Star News

11. Diva Media Group

12. Sports Media LGBT+

13. Film + TV Charity


15. The Sarah O’Connell Show