'Mental Health and Me' panel session recorded 24th June 2020

To mark Pride Month, InterMediaUK teamed up with our friends at EMERGE - Viacom's LGBT+ and Straight Ally network - for a special event.

Broadcaster James Barr - one of the co-hosts of the smash-hit LGBT+ podcast A Gay & A NonGay - led a conversation on LGBT+ mental health with a focus on the media industry, and how recent global events have had an impact on the community.

James chatted with...

Cally Beaton, stand-up comedian as seen on BBC 2's QI and heard on BBC Radio 4

Fox Fisher, film-maker, artist and activist, and co-director of My Genderation

Chloe Davies, Head of Partnerships at myGwork - the LGBT+ business community

Nick White, director of GEEYOU, the creative social change company

Last year, Film & TV Charity conducted a study titled 'The Looking Glass' which featured over 9,000 people from the industry - and uncovered a mental health crisis. The study revealed three areas that impact mental health the most...

  • Conditions of work

  • Industry culture

  • Industry’s ability to provide support

In recent months, our world has changed beyond recognition. With the rise of Covid-19 and the effects of lockdown, mental health issues have sadly become further heightened for many.

Our panel discussed:

  • How mental health uniquely impacts the LGBT+ community, particularly in the media industry

  • The impact of recent world events on mental health and the LGBT+ community

  • Shared stories and encourage empathy