Black Lives Matter: Podcast List

1619 - (NYT) -  a podcast from the New York times examining the long shadow of American slavery.

1xtra Talks: A special edition of 1Xtra Talks where we discuss George Floyd's tragic death with Seani B and DJ Ace who tell their own personal stories plus take listeners calls on the subject.

About Race with Reni Edo-Lodge - a podcast that features key voices from the last few decades of anti-racist activism.

Busy Being Black with Josh Rivers - A podcast exploring how we live in a fullness of our queer Black Lives.

Code Switch (NPR) - NPR podcast exploring themes of race, ethnicity, culture and how they play out in our lives and communities.

Dissect - Spotify - S6 - Beyoncé, Lemonade, S5 - Kendrick Lamar, DAMN, S1 - Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp A Butterfly.  A podcast by Spotify studios exploring albums you love, analysing one album per season one song per episode. The following albums are deep rooted topical subjects around black history, culture, and struggles.

Have you heard George's podcast? George the Poet delivers a fresh take on inner city life.

Intersectionality Matters! Intersectionality Matters! is a podcast hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American civil rights advocate, and a leading scholar of critical race theory.

Momentum: A Race Forward: features movement voices, stories, and strategies for racial justice. Co-hosts Chevon and Hiba give their unique takes on race and pop culture, and uplift narratives of hope, struggle, and joy, as we continue to build the momentum needed to advance racial justice in our policies, institutions, and culture. Build on your racial justice lens and get inspired.

Seeing White (Scene on Radio) - A deep dive into questions around where notion of 'whiteness' comes from set against the backdrop of America's. current political climate.