Black Lives Matter - how can I help?

This is a difficult and distressing time for members of the black community and many will want to help. Being a good ally is more important than ever, here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t share graphic content

Regardless of your intentions, avoid sharing content that depicts black people being hurt or abused. It can be both traumatising and triggering.

Educate yourself and others

Getting to grips with antiracist concepts can be made easier by reading/ watching/ listening to the appropriate material - we have created a reading list, a watch list and a podcast list for you. Listen to the community and promote the voices that have helped you. Get to grips with white privilege, and talk to young people about the issue in the right way. We agree with Whitney, the children are the future!

Be understanding

The black people in your life may be quieter than usual, seem distracted or just unlike their usual self. This is a result of emotional and mental overload, give those you care about some breathing-space. But, do ask if they’re OK - you don’t need to push it if they are unwilling to engage, but ask the question.

Shop with black-owned businesses

The money in your pocket is part of your power; choose how to use it carefully. Shop with black-owned businesses and avoid shopping with businesses that do not support your black friends, family and colleagues. UK Black Owned helps consumers connect with black-owned businesses in the UK.

Speak up

Engage in discussions about anti-racism. Discuss what you have read, the black-owned businesses you’ve discovered and share these tips with other non-black people. Also, when you hear people engaging in racist conversation, speak up and challenge this. Question your leaders and sign petitions for causes you believe in.

Don’t interrogate

Not every black person will be willing to engage in conversation with you about racial injustice. Experiencing racism emotionally draining. Please don’t expect hot takes or other forms of commentary from black people at this time.


There are a number of charities and funds that you can contribute to. We have created a directory of charities here.

Know where you stand

These issues are not white versus black or black versus everyone else. It’s racists versus antiracists, and black people are suffering.

Created and Curated by Maria Onyango and Dharash Kerai