Black Lives Matter: Being a good Ally

We all have implicit biases. That is OK to admit! But civilization is about working against our baser instincts. We will not be able to change our prejudices until we address that we have them in the first place. Learn about what it means to have racial privilege. Courtney Yahn does a good job of breaking down the basics of white privilege. Also, understand the covert forms of white supremacy you may not even know you are engaging in. You know not to use a racial slur, but how about tone policing? Or tokenism? Here is a powerful guide to get started

Finally, Here is a great link which discusses the bigger picture of being an Ally, the list of do’s and don’ts from their page is a prime example of good action.


  • Do be open to listening

  • Do be aware of your implicit biases

  • Do your research to learn more about the history of the struggle in which you are participating

  • Do the inner work to figure out a way to acknowledge how you participate in oppressive systems

  • Do the outer work and figure out how to change the oppressive systems

  • Do amplify (online and when physically present) the voices of those without your privilege

  • Do learn how to listen and accept criticism with grace, even if it is uncomfortable


  • Do not expect to be taught or shown. Take it upon yourself to use the tools around you to learn and answer your questions

  • Do not participate for the gold medal in the “Oppression Olympics” (you don’t need to compare how your struggle is just as bad)

  • Do not behave as though you know best

  • Do not take credit for the labour of those who are marginalized and did the work before you stepped into the picture

  • Do not assume that every member of an underinvested group feels oppressed