Bi Visibility Day - Q&A with Bi Media Pro's

To celebrate Bi Visibility Day, our chair Anthony met up with a few people within the media industry who happen to identify as bi.

We wanted to get their unique perspective on media representation of bi people, why casual bi-phobia is so prominent within the LGBTQ+ community in particular and the challenge of remaining visible in a long term relationship.

There was lots of amazing discussion - each chat is around 15-20 mins long and easy to listen to whilst working please do take the time to watch/ listen to what our bi peers have to say and give bisexuality the focus and thought space it so rightly needs.

STUART FOUND is a writer and events professional, currently working for the Financial Times. He is a committee member of Proud FT and InterMedia UK and runs the Bristol River Writers creative writing workshops. He aims to depict realistic bisexual characters in his work to dispel common misconceptions.

JOANNE OATTS is a freelance creative director, with over 20 years of experience in the media and broadcast industries. She currently hosts The Outvertising Podcast. A former journalist, Joanne has written for multiple marketing and LGBTQ+ titles and was the news editor for Sony Award-winning GaydarRadio. She’s also an artist, filmmaker and comedy writer. 

LEWIS OAKLEY is one of the leading bisexual activists in the UK.

A cover star on Attitude's activist and allies 2020 issue with nominations for awards including LGBT campaigner of the year award. He appears regularly across radio, TV and podcasts, making sure bisexuality included in national discussions.  

LUBO TODOROV was born and raised in Sofia but considers London home.

He has worked in digital advertising for nearly ten years. His most recent role was setting up the account management team for Amazon's advertising services in their LA office.

Did we discuss your fave bi TV character? - If not, perhaps they feature here

Other incredibly useful links and contact details from the discussion:

The Outvertising Podcast: The Invisible Bs: Bisexuality Special



The Bisexual Brunch Podcast:

TimeTo Sexual Harassment Survey

TimeTo aims to put an end to sexual harassment in the advertising and marketing industries. Last year they conducted a survey which highlighted that LGBTQ+ people sometimes face increased sexual harassment in the workplace because of their sexuality. The 2020 survey is currently being carried out which will further inform TimeTo industry code of conduct, and its campaigns and training. 

Survey: Deadline 25/09.

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