A response to JK Rowling's statement

With regards to the recent statement made by JK Rowling on 10th June 2020, as a group we find this very upsetting. Not only is it factually incorrect, it is transphobic by means of using graphic language and directly connecting trans identities to unfounded hypothetical outcomes. We urge our supporters to recognise these classic tactics for promoting hate and marginalising minority groups.

JK Rowling's thoughts, views and 'learnings' on trans issues simply do not carry any value for us compared to those who actually identify as trans. The generalisations in the article are grossly misrepresentative of a community that strives for acceptance and understanding.

We stand with our trans family members in tackling misrepresentative media. We are here for you and we are listening to you. 

We would urge LGBTQ+ members and allies to consider the direct experiences of the community over the assumptions made by historically transphobic commentators and aggressors.

JK Rowling - Please stop trying to make trans lives even harder, stressful, and marginalised than they already are.