Mary Jane Wells, an award-winning British actress and writer living in Los Angeles, is a supporter of both zero tolerance and zero occurrence of military sexual trauma.

​She has written a play entitled​ Heroine, based on the true story of​ a lesbian soldier in the US army: an outsider who wouldn’t quit.  A survivor of military sexual trauma, she served on the battlefield alongside her assailants.  Heroine is an incredible human story about one soldier’s experiences and what healing and forgiveness really mean. Visit the play’s website.

In June 2014, Mary Jane was invited by William Hague and Angelina Jolie to perform Heroine for the UN in London, at the Global Summit for Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict.  Off the record, Mary Jane was informed that her​ subject matter was too close to the bone and would potentially embarrass USA delegates at the Summit, as at that time, there was an inquest into the suicide of UK soldier Anne Marie Ellement, who had tried to report her rape but had suffered bullying from her unit as a result.

With this news, she was ever more convinced of the need for this play to see daylight.

In January this year, Mary Jane was invited to perform Heroine on Theatre Row, 42nd Street, New York in October 2015.  She has also been awarded a Research & Development Award by Creative Scotland and ABA​​ – ​More information on this award can be found here). The play will go through a research and development period in Scotland 1-5 June.

With the approaching premiere of Heroine, Mary Jane​ ​needs to raise 16K before May 17th.  This show, in its own way, can open doors to international collaboration for improving the way veterans are treated worldwide, and to help ​create zero tolerance and zero occurrence of MST internationally. Please consider donating to make Heroine happen!​ She’s almost half way there!

 More information on Heroine can be found at www.heroinetheplay.com.

All Mary-Jane’s box office profits from the New York show will be donated to www.protectourdefenders.com.  Furthermore, she has partnered with the Malibu based non-profit www.saveawarrior.org, who have pledged to accept UK soldiers into their program for free as well as train professionals in the UK to run a similar program to their US one, specifically for veterans considering suicide.

There is a fun array of rewards for anyone donating to make this happen. Please visit the Kickstarter page for more information. If you feel you can’t donate, please share in case someone else can!