Dan Pheysey

Dan Pheysey, 28, is a Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube. Dan lives in Finsbury Park, London.

Tell us about your job

I am a Strategic Partner Manager on the sports team at YouTube. This involves working on business development with top sports partners to make sure they are optimised on YouTube and creating great content that enables them to reach their objectives on the platform.

Career history

Whilst studying a business and economics degree at University, I was a part time UEFA qualified football coach. This passion for coaching led me to doing a postgraduate certificate in education, working at a college in Manchester during the day and coaching in the evening. I began using YouTube for my students to promote exam and revision techniques, as well as setting up a personal football channel. I was invited into Google to run best practice workshops for other creators, and used the opportunity to ask for a job. Luckily, there was one going on Google+ working as a social community manager for football. After 9 months, I moved across to YouTube in our sports partnerships team where I have been for 3 years. I love sport and I love video. I have my perfect job!

How do you spend a typical day?

I will mix my time between partner meetings, project work around big events, and watching A LOT of YouTube to keep myself up to date with latest trends. Being able to watch videos all day and call it work is one of the best things about the role. I also facilitate many of our YouTube workshops, as well as teaching ‘presentation skills’ courses for other Googlers.

Extra curricular activity at work…

On top of my day job, I chair the Gayglers in the UK (Google’s LGBT+ network). This involves co-ordinating networking events, socials, talks and Pride week. During Pride this year we hosted 14 different events at Google, ranging from “Being Trans at work” discussions, movie nights and walking in the London Pride Parade. In 2015 I kicked off a global LGBT+ ‘and proud’ Android campaign which was interacted with by users in 210 territories across the world.

The best part of my job

Having a wide impact. With over 1 Billion users, working at YouTube means my work can reach a significant audience. For example, we worked with BT Sport to make the UEFA Champions League Final free to air on YouTube in the UK this summer. So many of my friends and colleagues messaged me saying they watched it on their phone in a car, or on their laptop in the library, which was exciting to be a part of.

The worst part of my job

Time zones! Working on a global platform means it isn’t always a surprise to have some interesting meeting times in your calendar.

If you could do it all again what would you do differently?

I’d get more involved with LGBT+ issues earlier on. Whilst a football coach and teacher, I was less inclined to play an active role in LGBT+ discussions. However, from my experience at Google, I’ve realised that standing up and aspiring to be a role model for other LGBT+ people coming into the industry is important.

Either/Or…and please explain why!

  • Coffee or tea? Tea
  • Jam or marmalade? Jam
  • Madonna or Britney? Britney
  • Mac or PC? Mac
  • The Guardian or The Times? Guardian
  • BBC or ITV? BBC
  • M&S or Waitrose? Waitrose
  • Morning or night? Night
  • Adidas or Nike? Nike
  • Sweet or savoury? Both

Favourites…and please explain why!

  • App: YouTube
  • TV show: Bake Off (for now atleast…).
  • Band: Troye Sivan
  • Song: I’m Every Woman, Chaka Khan
  • Book: What is one of those? *goes back to Twitter*
  • Sports team: Arsenal (Season ticket holder at the Emirates)
  • Thing to do on a Friday night: G-A-Y and Heaven. I’m not classy
  • Place to eat: Yauatcha, Soho
  • Holiday spot: LA, USA
  • Piece of advice you’ve been given: Aspire today, Inspire tomorrow.